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Pool Features That Add Value To The Home

This article discusses pool features that add value to the home and how much value a pool adds to the home. After all, why have a bland swimming pool when you’re able to have one that provides great features? Your local pool builder can work with you to make swimming pool designs which are modern and incorporate the latest in swimming pool trends, features and technology. Whether you desire a simple, clean, elegant appearance, or a swimming pool that’s packed with all the most up-to-date and greatest additions, then there is the best swimming pool to fulfill your desires. Let us take a look at a few of the best features available in swimming pools.


High end pool contractors offer sleek and sophisticated pool features that turn a pool from ordinary into extordinary. This article however, focuses not in turning your backyard into a hotel resort, but on features that are highly prized by homeowners. This article ought to be of particular interest to realtors, home buyers, home sellers, and pool buyers.

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Most Valuable Pool Features

These are the most requested pool features valued most by homeowners in 2019 according to a survey conducted by PoolMarketer.com

Tanning Ledge

The Tanning Ledge functions as the ultimate addition to any pool. This versatile ledge keeps a shallow, consistent depth, giving a notion hotspot for basking in the sun or a safe place for young children to perform. Professional pool designers may make a pool ledge to possess both a curved side and a straight side to ensure it complements virtually any style pool within the normal pool budget, while also enhancing your experience by providing an additional lounge area with a sound, stable thickness.

Water Features

Cascading water can not only be beautiful, but also calm. Water Features also offer a stunning appearance that could turn an ordinary backyard into an oasis with a waterfall. Your local pool contractor provides several distinct Water Feature alternatives which can be integrated with our pools. The local pool builder provides distinct styles of Water Features, ensuring there is a form and design to suit any aesthetic.

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Pools are often the gathering place for friends and family. If you’re all socialising at the swimming pool, you need to make sure there is loads of space for everyone to have a seat and stay cool. One of the wonderful attributes many swimming pools provide, are plentiful seating areas like large benches or wrap round seating.

Swim Jet System & Spa Jets

Intex 28611E Hydro Flow Trainer Resistance Swimming System, Grey – $1,199.99 on Amazon

Swim whenever you like on your own schedule and at your own pace
User-friendly interface with wireless Remote control and 8 variable speeds. Features a built-in timer, stop-watch, and other tracking tools such as a calorie Counter
Easy to install – compatible with Intex above-ground frame pools and in-ground pools. Includes mounting bracket for Intex above-ground pools and deck-mount bracket for in-ground pools
Two independent layers of emergency shut off protection for safety: emergency stop Lanyard/ emergency cut off button on Remote control
Warranty: 2 years
Pool requirements – Intex frame pool: minimum pool wall Height = 48in; minimum pool length = 15ft
Pool requirements – in-ground pool: minimum water depth = 39in; minimum pool length = 15ft; minimum pool width = 8.25ft

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If you’re interested in exercising or training on your pool, but have a bigger pool which earns a good end-to-end swim hard, then a swim jet system can be incorporated. By swimming from the swim jets, then you are able to get your swim in despite a little area. If you enjoy the relaxing benefits of massaging hydrotherapy, spa jets are great feature. These can be set up in a seating area allowing you to enjoy an effect somewhat like a spa.

Auto Cover

A retractable pool cover will not just enhance your heating options, but in addition will help keep you pool free of leaves and debris. What’s more, you will have the ability to automatically retract your pool cap out of sight. Some pool contractors offer a rectangular pool with a full length bench seat. The automobile cover is built into the swimming pool, creating a practical yet stylish designed pool together with the option to cover it.

Besides all these great pool features, if you choose to construct a swimming pool, your swimming pool contractor may recommend lovely gelcoat color options to choose from, ensuring that you have a pool which perfectly matches your backyard paradise. Or, if you’re searching for something more playful, a diving board may be added to pools having deeper depths, or even a water slide. The possibilities are definitely infinite, but these are the pool features that we feel bring the most value to the home.

How Much Value Does a Pool Add To Your Home?

Ok, we’ve discussed all the terrific pool features that homeowners value the most. Now it’s time to discuss how much value a pool adds to the home, or does it add any at all? There are plenty of folks in the real estate industry that would argue that pools don’t add any value whatsoever. However, the number of pools built continues to rise steadily so there are those in construction and financing that would disagree.


Swimming Pools Don’t Add Any Value To Your Home


A Pool Will Increase The Value Of Your Home Up To 25%*

You see that asterisk, that’s a pretty caveat to the statement. A pool will increase the value of your home provided you live in a region where owning a home with a swimming pool is either viewed as a necessity or maintaining a quality of life for many local residents. These are the top regions where installing a pool added the most value to a home.

Value of a Pool, Ranked by Average Cost Per Square Foot – data provided by PoolContractor.net

Metro area
Average pool cost per square foot

Value pool adds to average home  
Percentage of homes sold in 2018 that have a pool

Los Angeles, CA


Austin, TX


Orange County, CA


Riverside, CA


Fort Lauderdale, FL


Oakland, CA


Charlotte, NC


Tampa, FL


Houston, TX


Tucson, AZ


Las Vegas, NV


Cape Coral, FL


Sacramento, CA


Hampton Roads, VA


Atlanta, GA


Orlando, FL


San Diego, CA


San Antonio, TX


Phoenix, AZ


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